Turf Treatment Edinburgh

The country of Scotland has a unique beauty which defies casual description, from the majestic rocky outcrops of the Western Isles to the gentle tranquillity of the lowland meadows. In a land where breath taking grace is evident of the greatest and smallest scales, gardeners have been inspired to create their own interpretations of the allure of this part of the world. If a beautiful garden may be likened to a painting, its lawn is like the canvass which sets the scene for all the elements of colour and form which make up the piece. Gardeners and householders in Edinburgh need access to a turf treatment which can nourish their lawns and fields, so they may reflect the natural magnificence of the hills and valleys around them.

Turf Direct Scotland are a family run Edinburgh based business who have been reliably supplying turf and related products to gardeners throughout the lowlands of Scotland for over forty years. If you need freshly harvested turf, quality topsoil, carefully blended turf base, or a first class turf treatment, we are just a call away. We can deliver to most areas within twenty four hours of an order being placed, and as all our turf is cut to order you are always guaranteed the freshest, healthiest product. Our Edinburgh customers appreciate that all our stock is grown locally using local seed, fertilisers and treatment wherever possible. This ensures the character of the product is naturally in keeping with its surroundings and environment. The parks and lawns of Edinburgh and its surrounding areas are a source of great national pride and we want them to be kept at their best for all to enjoy.

To lay turf in such a way as to create the smoothest, most appealing lawn possible, it is important to start with the soil underneath. Any irregularities in the shape of the land should be carefully ironed out, by flattening mounds and filling in holes. A layer of quality topsoil goes a long way to creating the ideal bed for a turf lawn. The topsoil supplied by Turf Direct Scotland is carefully screened to remove stones, and mixed with compost with a high organic and nutrient content. Next a layer of our turf base should be added, which includes a mixture of sand to promote drainage and prevent the turf from becoming waterlogged. After the surface is laid, regular applications of a quality turf treatment like the one available from our Edinburgh premises will keep the lawn in the best of health and support all the surrounding plants too. A good turf treatment will include nitrogen rich fertiliser mixed with agents to control the growth of weeds and moss.

Use turf treatment from Turf Direct Scotland on your Edinburgh area lawn or field. In all our years of supplying local gardeners we have learned a thing or two about the care of grass, so trust us to transform your lawn into one which will harness all the natural beauty of Scotland.