Turf supplies Mid Lothian

If you are looking for turf supplies, Mid Lothian has a solution in the form of Turf Direct Scotland. This long established, family run company is set to meet all your needs when it comes to turf supplies in the Mid Lothian area.
When it comes to turf supplies, Mid Lothian customers need to know that they are paying a reliable company which will provide a high quality of goods. Turf Direct Scotland has confidence in the quality of their turf supplies. Whether you are based in Mid Lothian or in other areas, Turf Direct Scotland has everything you need.
Turf Direct Scotland has been specialising in providing turf supplies to the Mid Lothian region and other areas of Scotland since it was founded in 1971. Because it is a family business, you know that it is managed by people who have a personal pride in their work. This is part of what makes us confident in offering the best quality turf supplies.
The turf supplies are farmed on our own land in the Scottish Borders. Not only is the land Scottish but we go back to our roots with seed, fertilisers and ground treatments sourced in Scotland, wherever possible. This means that customers can be confident in the quality of the turf we supply.
Turf Direct Scotland specialise in gang mowing on a regular basis. Gang mowing is an efficient means of using linked mowers behind a tractor to mow large areas of grass evenly. This is beneficial for turf supplies because it means that the grass grows densely and is resilient. This is ideal because strong, healthy turf supplies can be easily transported to areas such as Mid Lothian and will quickly bed down, forming a healthy grass area in the minimum time possible.
Another reason that the turf supplies Mid Lothian customers can order from Turf Direct Scotland is of high quality is that the turf is always harvested fresh to order. This is essential to ensure a successful lawn. The longer the turf is cut before being laid, the less chance the roots have to survive the journey and to grow well into the new base soil. Because Turf Direct Scotland only cut their turf supplies fresh for each order, what is delivered will have had the absolute minimum time possible between cutting and laying. The result? A healthy, strong and resilient lawn.
Perhaps in your search for turf supplies you might be concerned about the size of job. Mid Lothian and Scottish customers need not worry – Turf Direct Scotland is able to quote for any size of job. Whether you are looking for turf for a large project, such as parks, golf courses or commercial grounds, or your project is relatively small, such as a section of your garden, Turf Direct Scotland would be pleased to give you a quote. They can also provide a free quote for a professional turf laying service. Get in touch today and see how Turf Direct Scotland can meet all your needs for turf supplies.

Are you looking for turf supplies in Scotland? Do you have a project which requires a grassy area? Whether this area is a large commercial project, a local organisation project such as resurfacing a football pitch, or a domestic project such as establishing a new lawn in your garden, Turf Direct Scotland are ready to meet your needs.

Wherever you are based in Scotland, Turf Direct Scotland provide free estimates for both the turf supplies, which can be delivered direct to location, and also a free quote for a professional turf laying surface.
Why choose turf?
When it comes to grass, customers want a lawn that has a beautiful emerald green colour, an even spread of densely populated grass and rootstock that has the resilience to survive heavy rain, direct sunlight and footfall as people walk on it. How do you make sure that your lawn is going to meet your needs and not become thin, patchy or even bare?
Some people have the viewpoint that grass seed makes a better-quality lawn than turf. Whilst it is true that it is possible to achieve a good quality lawn from grass seed, a good outcome is far less certain than if the lawn is created from turf. With grass seed, it is easy to discover after planting that the seed was not spread evenly and that some sections are more densely grown than others. Also, heavy rain, a constant possibility in more northerly and elevated areas, can affect the growth of the grass seed or even wash away grass seed on sloped areas. The grass seed is also limited as to the times in the year in which it can be planted, and for several months after planting, there is a growing period in which the soil is visible and the ground needs to be protected from people walking on it and birds who will flock to eat the exposed seeds.
In contrast, Turf Direct Scotland offer high quality, freshly cut turf. Because Turf Direct Scotland only cuts its turf supplies fresh to order from good quality Scottish supplies, the turf provides an instant visible green lawn from the moment that it is laid, without months of waiting to see the results. It is safe from birds and rain, since the turf has strong roots, even on sloping sites. Because the turf is carefully treated and regularly gang mown, you can be certain that with all Turf Direct Scotland supplies, the grass will be densely grown and resilient. The turf needs far less watering and care than a seed grown lawn, meaning that after laying there is far less work for you to do. Not only that, but as Turf Direct Scotland offer free quotes on a profession turf laying service, you could have the whole lawn laid quickly and expertly, giving instant results and an even, strong and long-lasting lawn without any hassle.
Why not get in touch today to see how Turf Direct Scotland can provide the perfect solutions for your turf needs.