Turf Supplies Edinburgh

An area of perfectly prepared turf is a beautiful thing to behold. Whether it’s the lovingly maintained garden of a stately home, a meticulously prepared sports field, or the lawn of your own home, few things can compare with the pleasure of gazing out over a perfect stretch of grass. For over forty years, gardeners in the Edinburgh area have turned to Turf Direct Scotland for their supplies of turf and related products. Our family run business are proud of the residential gardens, public parks, conservation areas, sports fields and landscaping projects which have benefitted from our products.

As Edinburgh is a capital city, its official buildings are expected to look as immaculate and majestic as any in Scotland. If the windows of Holyrood were allowed to go dirty, or its water features became polluted, there would be a public outcry. Similarly, the lawns and parks of the area are expected to be maintained to the highest standard. Supplies of high quality turf keep the new buildings in Edinburgh looking as sharp and modern as ever, while dignifying its wonderful examples of historical architecture. When established Edinburgh institutions turn to Turf Direct Scotland for their grounds maintenance supplies, it is a matter of great pride for us. Nevertheless, we always try to provide the same outstanding service for all our customers, regardless of their prominence.

Local sporting facilities in particular benefit from careful laying and scrupulous upkeep of their fields. The playing surfaces at Edinburgh football, rugby and hockey clubs see heavy use and rely on our supplies of turf maintenance products to make sure they are ready for each and every event on the sporting calendar. To make the pitch game ready, grounds persons use tools such as rollers, trowels and line markers throughout the week. Any grassed area can benefit from the nutrients and fertilisers contained in our lawn treatments, as well as the chemicals which are designed to control weeds and moss. If a sports pitch becomes damaged during the playing season, often the best solution is to replace the section of turf with new stock. All turf delivered by Turf Direct Scotland is harvested fresh daily to ensure it is delivered to our customers in the best condition possible. And for emergency pitch repairs, we can deliver within twenty four hours to must areas when required. Then, during the off season, we deliver supplies of grass seed to our Edinburgh turf customers who wish to regenerate their surface for the following year.

For many Edinburgh householders, the garden they enjoy the most is their own. Looking out of the window of your own home to see a perfect strip of grass surrounded by a charming array of flowers and plants evokes a special kind of pleasure and pride. Make Turf Direct Scotland your first call for garden turf and all related supplies, whether it’s for a home renovation, the landscaping of a whole garden, or just the upkeep of a lawn. Why settle for anything less?