Turf Supplies Dumfries and Galloway

Turf Supplies Dumfries & Galloway
The Grass Is Greener With Turf Direct Scotland

Is your lawn looking damaged, outdated, and beyond repair? If so, it could be harming the aesthetic and function of your entire backyard. New turf from Turf Direct Scotland is the answer to your problems and will give your outside spaces the new lease of life that they deserve for years of heightened enjoyment.

The road to rediscovering your love of the garden starts here.

A Professional Service From Idea To Installation & Beyond

As the sister company of Edinburgh Turf, the team behind Turf Direct Scotland boasts over four decades of experience in the field, growing premium quality turf for homeowners across the beautiful regions of Dumfries and Galloway.

We grow premium grade lawns on the Scottish Borders, using daily harvesting to ensure exceptional quality and fresh results time and time again. Furthermore, our team of technicians are ready to lay your beautiful lawn, taking care of every element to guarantee lasting results.

Lawns can be delivered within 24 hours while those wanting the installation service can have this completed in a very quick fashion too. If required, our landscape experts can provide ideas on how best to maximise the appeal of your backyard spaces too. This creative edge can take things to a whole new level.

We know that a new lawn can revamp your outside spaces with truly stunning results, but we’re equally committed to ensuring that you’re able to enjoy them for years. This is why we’re happy to provide aftercare support regarding maintenance.

Lawn Supplies All Under One Roof

It’s one thing to gain new grass, but you also need to know that every other aspect is under control – especially if you are planning to take the DIY approach to installation.

Our turf supplies Dumfries and Galloway include regular purpose-grown turf, organically boosted topsoil, turf bases, and firewood logs. This enables you to take care of front lawns, back lawns, raised flower beds, and various other landscaping duties without needing additional services.

The new lawn provides a flat, safe place for kids to play while enhancing the natural aesthetic beauty of the garden. The fact it can be used to complement patios, decking, and other garden features while providing definition to the outside space is a bonus.

Every homeowner deserves to enjoy the rewards of a beautiful, functional garden and a new lawn is the perfect way to make it happen. Regardless of how big or small the backyard might be, our team of experts will find and fit the perfect lawn for your needs.

The garden you’ve always dreamed of will become a reality in no time.

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Turf Direct Scotland is the perfect turfing specialist for any homeowner in the Dumfries and Galloway regions. In addition to working with immense speed, we are happy to provide free estimates on all proposed jobs. Give us a call on 01968 673853 today, you will not regret it.