Turf Laying Edinburgh

Turf Direct Scotland are an established Edinburgh firm specializing in the supplying and laying of fine quality garden turf. Take a moment to read about our company:

Imagine a beautiful summer’s day in the enchanting Scottish city of Edinburgh. Birds are in the sky, the wind is light and all is well with the world. How better to enjoy this picturesque scene than with an ice cold drink, sitting in a comfortable recliner on your lawn. But then you notice… a weed! It isn’t just any weed; it’s one of those really ugly ones with spiny little leaves and deep, deep roots. And there’s another… and another! It seems like the more you look, the more weeds you see. Your idyll is shattered, and what was a tranquil afternoon rest becomes a frenzy of trowel-wielding toil, as you strive to repel the invaders. A third of the way across your garden, you stop, wipe your weary brow, and survey the battlefield; you feel like you’re getting nowhere. And to make matters worse, the lawn behind you looks little better than it did when you first started – the grass is dry and brown, and the soil is now pock-marked by the scars of war. You feel crushed.

But, help is at hand! Turf Direct Scotland are turf laying specialists, and have been trading in Edinburgh for over forty years. We know just what a struggle it can be to keep a lawn in pristine condition. As a local householder, you lead a busy life and while you may enjoy gardening, you likely have many more pressing responsibilities which demand much of your time. On occasions when you do finally manage to find a free afternoon, the weather and other factors can conspire to limit what you can achieve in the time available. And even with the best care in the world, pollution, litter and debris can make maintaining an urban lawn a never ending chore.

Laying the lawn of your Edinburgh home with fresh turf will immediately give the whole property a new lease of life. Whether your garden areas are adorned with flower beds, shrubs, vegetable patches or garden furniture, a lawn of freshly laid turf will make the perfect backdrop to your favourite garden features. Or if you prefer a simple, low maintenance approach, our Edinburgh based turf laying specialists will create for you a surface which will make caring for the image of your property as simple as spending twenty minutes a week behind a lawnmower.

When laying garden turf for our customers, Turf Direct Scotland of Edinburgh always use the finest quality materials. Aside from the turf which is grown in the Scottish borders using locally sourced seed, fertilisers and treatments, we use organically enhanced topsoil, which is produced using high nutrient content compost and is screened to remove stones. Before laying the turf itself, we use a blend of fine soil and sand to give your Edinburgh garden the ideal drainage properties for its new surface.